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$samepath Identifier - mIRC
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The $samepath identifier evaluates whether the pair of [path\]filenames resolve to the same path\filename.


$compress( <string1> , <string2> )


String11st [path\]filename to be compared
String22nd [path\]filename to be compared

Recognizes paths if full-vs-relative-vs-absent. Recognizes files+paths for longname-vs-shortname.


//echo -a This returns $true $samepath( $mircexe , $nopath($mircexe) )
//echo -a This very likely returns $true $samepath( c:\program files\ , c:\progra~1\ )
//echo -a Returns $true if at least 1 subfolder: $samepath( $finddir($mircdir,*,1,1) , $remove($finddir($mircdir,*,1,1),$mircdir) )
//echo -a $true doesn't guarantee filename actually exists: $samepath( $mircdir $+ nosuchfile , nosuchfile )
//var %i delete_me.txt | write %i test | echo -a %i $shortfn(%i) returns $true : $samepath( %i , $shortfn(%i) )


Added: mIRC v7.46
Added on: 01 Aug 2016
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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