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$inpaste returns $true if a user triggered the ON INPUT event by pressing Control+V or Shift+Insert to paste text into an editbox or using the 'Paste' choice from the editbox's right-click menu.

It appears that $inpaste is mostly $false, and can be $true only when:

  1. In channel editbox where Options/Display/Other/'Editbox Lines' is set to 'Single'
  2. In @window editbox created with /window -e0 or -e, or created with -e3 while Editbox Lines is set to single
  3. Clipboard contains at least one of $cr $lf $crlf
  4. Paste from the clipboard triggers the ON INPUT event
  5. $inpaste is used within the ON INPUT or ON PARSELINE:out event
  • Note: If you paste text into the editbox which doesn't trigger the INPUT event, pressing <enter> later messaging the pasted text to #channel does not set $inpaste to $true.








on *:INPUT:*:{ if ( ($istok(/ $comchar,$left($strip($1),1),32)) && (!$ctrlenter) && ($inpaste)) { echo -g Preventing this pasted /command from being executed: $1- | halt } }
on *:PARSELINE:out:*:{ echo -s debug $scriptline $event : $inpaste is $true only if this line was triggered by pasting from the clipboard : $parseline }
if ($inpaste) echo -a INPUT event triggered by paste from clipboard
elseif ($ctrlenter) echo -a INPUT event triggered by pressing <enter> and <Ctrl> keys together
else echo -a INPUT event triggered by pressing <enter>


Added: mIRC v5.8
Added on: 05 Sep 2000
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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