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CTCP stands for Client-To-Client-Protocol which is a special type of communication between IRC Clients. By creating CTCP events, you can make your mIRC react to commands or requests from other users.

For example when you want to know the version of the client used by an user, you type /ctcp <user> version, this actually send a privmsg


The CTCP event has the following format:

ctcp <level>:<matchtext>:<*|#|?>:<commands>
  • <level> - The corresponding access levels for the event to trigger.
  • <matchtext> - The corresponding matchtext for the event to trigger.
  • <*><?><#> - The place, or places where the event listens, you can specify specific name of window, seperate them by comma.
    • * - Any query/channel window
    • ? - Any query windows
    • # - Any channel window
  • <commands> - The commands to be performed when the event triggers


ctcp *:test:?:ctcpreply $nick success

triggers when someone sends a private ctcp "test", which is a privmsg, and then use /ctcpreply, which sends a notice, this will trigger the on ctcpreply event for that user.

ctcp *:version:?:ctcpreply $nick mIRC 12.5!!
would send a second reply to the standard ctcp version.


Added: mIRC v3.5
Added on: 07 Aug 1995
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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