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MCS-40 - Intel
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Intel MCS-40
KL Intel P4040.jpg
P4040, the MPU of the chipset.
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Type Microprocessors
Production 1974
Architecture 4-bit word, 8-bit instruction, BCD-oriented
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Process 10 μm
10,000 nm
0.01 mm
Technology pMOS
Clock 500 kHz-740 kHz
Package DIP24

The MCS-40 (Micro-Computer Set-40) was a family of 4-bit microprocessor chipsets developed by Intel and introduced in 1974. The MCS-40 was an enhancement to the MCS-4. The entire chipset was made of four individual chips.


Part Description
4003 shift register
4040 MPU
4101 RAM
4201 clock generator
4207 General purpose I/O
4209 General purpose I/O
4211 General purpose I/O
4265 Programmable general purpose I/O
4269 Programmable keyboard display
4289 Memory interface (replacement for 4008/4009)
4308 1024x8 bits ROM (equivalent of 4001)
4316 2048x8 bits ROM
4702 256x8 bits EPROM


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