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Intel publishes a series of reference manuals for their products. Because of their rapid development cycles, those manual tend to update fairly frequently, often removing older and obsolete information.

Below is an attempt at archiving all past revisions in order to preserve this invaluable historical information from being permanently lost. For the latest revision you should ALWAYS check Intel's own website.

Optimization Reference Manual[edit]

Intel's Optimization Reference Manual (Document Number 248966) is a reference manual that discusses the important aspects of Intel's architectures, crucial for understanding how programs are executed by the microprocessor and the kind of optimizations possible for improving performance.

Older revisions:

Data Catalog[edit]

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Intel published a series of Intel Data Catalogs, a complete offerings of their products including microprocessors, ROMs, RAMs, memory peripherals, and various other ICs.