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== Cache ==
== Cache ==
{{main|intel/microarchitectures/airmont#Memory_Hierarchy|l1=Airmont's Cache}}
{{main|intel/microarchitectures/airmont#Memory_Hierarchy|l1=Airmont § Cache}}
{{cache info
{{cache info
|l1i cache=128 KB
|l1i cache=128 KiB
|l1i break=4x32 KB
|l1i break=4x32 KiB
|l1i desc=8-way set associative
|l1i desc=8-way set associative
|l1i extra=(per core)
|l1i extra=(per core)
|l1d cache=96 KB
|l1d cache=96 KiB
|l1d break=4x24 KB
|l1d break=4x24 KiB
|l1d desc=6-way set associative
|l1d desc=6-way set associative
|l1d extra=(per core)
|l1d extra=(per core)
|l2 cache=2 MB
|l2 cache=2 MiB
|l2 break=2x1 MB
|l2 break=2x1 MiB
|l2 desc=16-way set associative
|l2 desc=16-way set associative
|l2 extra=(per 2 cores)
|l2 extra=(per 2 cores)

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Template:mpu The Atom x5-Z8550 is a 64-bit quad-core system on a chip introduce by Intel in early 2016. This ultra-low power SoC has a scenario design power of 2 W and operates at a base frequency of 1.44 GHz and supports up to 8 GB of memory. This chip incorporates the HD Graphics 400 GPU.


Main article: Airmont § Cache
Cache Info [Edit Values]
L1I$ 128 KiB
0.125 MiB
131,072 B
1.220703e-4 GiB
4x32 KiB 8-way set associative (per core)
L1D$ 96 KiB
0.0938 MiB
98,304 B
9.155273e-5 GiB
4x24 KiB 6-way set associative (per core)
L2$ 2 MiB
2,048 KiB
2,097,152 B
0.00195 GiB
2x1 MiB 16-way set associative (per 2 cores)
L3$ 0 KiB
0 MiB
0 B
0 GiB
No L3$

Memory controller

Integrated Memory Controller
Type DDR3L-RS 1600, LPDDR3 1600
Controllers 1
Channels 2
ECC Support Yes
Bandwidth (single) 12,800 MB/s
Bandwidth (dual) 25,600 MB/s
Max memory 8,192 MB


Integrated Graphic Information
GPU HD Graphics 400
Execution Units 12
Displays 3
Frequency 200 MHz
0.2 GHz
200,000 KHz
Max frequency 600 MHz
0.6 GHz
600,000 KHz
Max memory 8 GB
"GB" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Output Embedded DisplayPort, HDMI
DirectX 11.1
OpenGL 4.3
OpenCL 1.2
OpenGL ES 3.0
DVI 1.4b
HDMI 1.4b
DVI 1.4b
Vulkan 1.0
DP 1.1a
eDP 1.3
Max HDMI Res 3840x2160 @60
Max DVI Res 3840x2160 @60 Hz
Max DSI Res 2560x1600 @60 Hz
Max DP Res 2560x1600 @60
Max eDP Res 2560x1600 @60 Hz
  • Video decode hardware acceleration including support for H.263, MPEG4, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9, MVC, MPEG2, VC1, JPEG.
  • Video encode hardware acceleration including support for H.264, H.263, VP8, MVC, JPEG.
  • Four planes available per pipe - 1x Primary, 2x Video Sprite & 1x Cursor.
  • Two dedicated digital Display Serial Interface PHYs implementing MIPI-DSI support.


Template:mpu expansions


Template:mpu features


  • SD Card support (x1 SDR104)
  • SDIO support (x1 SDR104)
  • eMMC support (4.51)


  • Low Power Engine (3 I2S ports)


Property Value
Type 17x17mm Type 4
IO count 628
Ball count 1380
Ball pitch 0.4mm
Z-height 0.937mm
Facts about "Atom x5-Z8550 - Intel"
has featureintegrated gpu +, SD Card support +, SDIO support +, eMMC support + and Low Power Engine +
integrated gpuHD Graphics 400 +
integrated gpu base frequency200 MHz (0.2 GHz, 200,000 KHz) +
integrated gpu max frequency600 MHz (0.6 GHz, 600,000 KHz) +
l1d$ description6-way set associative +
l1d$ size0.0938 MiB (96 KiB, 98,304 B, 9.155273e-5 GiB) +
l1i$ description8-way set associative +
l1i$ size0.125 MiB (128 KiB, 131,072 B, 1.220703e-4 GiB) +
l2$ description16-way set associative +
l2$ size2 MiB (2,048 KiB, 2,097,152 B, 0.00195 GiB) +
l3$ descriptionNo L3$ +
l3$ size0 MiB (0 KiB, 0 B, 0 GiB) +