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Series 8000 - General Instrument
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GI Series 8000
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Developer General Instrument
Manufacturer General Instrument
Production 1975-1980
Architecture 8-bit
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Process 10 μm
10,000 nm
0.01 mm
Technology pMOS
Clock 500 KHz-800 KHz
Package DIP40, DIP8

Series 8000 or ALPS (Advanced Logic Processor System) was a family of low-end 8-bit microprocessor chipset developed by General Instrument. Designed in the United Kingdom, this series saw most of its success in the European market. A minimum system could be built from just two chips and a single-phase clock, which was smaller than many of the other alternatives at the time. At the heart of the system is the LP 8000 microprocessor unit.


All part numbers are prefixed with LP (Logic Processor).

Part Description
LP 8000 8-bit MPU
LP 6000 Program Memory (PM)
LP 1000 Memory interface chip (MIC)
LP 1010 input/output buffer (IOB)
LP 1030 clock generator (CG)


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