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Welcome to the WikiChip Project; a libre computer-related knowledgebase. WikiChip is a semantic computer engineering wiki created by and edited by a group of highly passionate computer engineers and enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in developing accurate and technical documentations. We aim to do better than most of the resources online. Our goal is to document all integrated circuits of interest, including microprocessors, microcontrollers, and graphics processors - including all old and obsolete chips! Additionally we attempt to document the microarchitecture, architecture, and instruction set that they implement. We also try to address general computer-related topics, concepts, and methodologies. Most of the information on WikiChip has formal semantics attached to the values so they can be analyzed, compared and contrasted efficiently by humans as well as machines.

If you're coming here to do research or develop an application based on WikiChip's data, check out WikiChip:semantic wikichip for more details.

How is WikiChip organized?

Unlike most wikis out there that use a flat article structure, WikiChip uses a hierarchy structure to organize articles. For example, a particular processor model is a sub-article of a processor family (e.g. Core i7EE Core i7-6950X). Likewise, each processor family is a sub-article of the company it's most tightly associated with (e.g. AMD K5). For more importation check out our WikiChip:naming conventions.


Current goals

Our short-term goal is to set up an article (or at least a stub page) for every microprocessor, microcontroller, computer, family, and microarchitecture. With time, we hope to fill in the information so they become a highly valuable resource for people. Our long-term goal is to provide a complete set of information on all the microarchitectures and instruction sets they implement. This is irrespective of their notability (with a few minor exceptions).


Do you review processors?

We document technology on the technical level. Every design ever produced was done after a series of compromises were made. We investigate, compare, and contrast those differences but we do not attempt to benchmark and review individual products. There are plenty of review websites such as Gamers Nexus, AnandTech, OC3D and HardOCP that already do that. We're not looking to replicate them. We prefer to stick to the engineering side of things.

I can't seem to find a processor?

If you're looking for a processor that is missing from our website, please drop its name in this page. We will try make sure it's documented.

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