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[Edit] Goldmont Plus (Gen9.5) Hardware Accelerated Video Capabilities
Codec Encode Decode
Profiles Levels Max Resolution Profiles Levels Max Resolution
MPEG-2 (H.262) Main High 1080p (FHD) Main Main, High 1080p (FHD)
MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) High, Main 5.1 2160p (4K) Main, High, MVC, Stereo 5.1 2160p (4K)
JPEG/MJPEG Baseline - 16k x 16k Baseline Unified 16k x 16k
HEVC (H.265) Main 5.1 2160p (4K) Main 5.1 2160p (4K)
VC-1 Advanced, Main, Simple 3, High, Simple 3840x3840
VP8 Unified Unified N/A 0 Unified 1080p
VP9 0 2160p (4K) 0, 2 Unified 2160p (4K)