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VLSI Technology
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VLSI Technology
vlsi technology logo.svg
Founded 1979
Founder Dan Floyd
Jack Baletto
Gunnar Wetlesen
Doug Fairbairn
Fate Acquired by Philips Semiconductor
Defunct 1999
Headquarters San Jose, California

VLSI Technology, Inc. (VTI) was an American ASIC design and fabrication


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Facts about "VLSI Technology"
defunct1999 +
fateAcquired by Philips Semiconductor +
founded1979 +
founderDan Floyd +, Jack Baletto +, Gunnar Wetlesen + and Doug Fairbairn +
full page namevti +
headquartersSan Jose, California +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameVLSI Technology +
wikidata idQ5362061 +