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T3472 - Toshiba
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Toshiba T3472
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Manufacturer Toshiba
Model Number T3472
Part Number T3472
Introduction 1976 (launch)
General information
Family T3400
Clock 100 kHz-1 MHz
Microarchitecture T3400
Technology nMOS
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Op. Temp 0 °C – 80 °C
Supply VDD 5 V
Supply VSS 0 V
8.0e-6 MB
0.008 kB
64 b
8.0e-9 GB
(16x4 bit)
ROM 768 B
7.68e-4 MB
0.768 kB
6,144 b
7.68e-7 GB
(256x24 bit)
Pins 42
Package DIP42 (DIP)

The Toshiba T3472 was a 4-bit microcontroller designed by Toshiba during the late 1970s. The microprocessor uses nMOS technology and was primarily used in printers and displays.

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Facts about "T3472 - Toshiba"
familyT3400 +
first launched1976 +
full page nametoshiba/t3400/t3472 +
instance ofmicrocontroller +
manufacturerToshiba +
max operating temperature80 °C +
microarchitectureT3400 +
min operating temperature0 °C +
model numberT3472 +
nameToshiba T3472 +
packageDIP42 +
part numberT3472 +
pin count42 +
ram8.0e-6 MB (0.008 kB, 8 B, 64 b, 8.0e-9 GB) +
ram breakdown16x4 bit +
rom7.68e-4 MB (0.768 kB, 768 B, 6,144 b, 7.68e-7 GB) +
rom breakdown256x24 bit +
technologynMOS +
word size4 bit (0.5 octets, 1 nibbles) +