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Type Public
Founded July 1, 2003
Palo Alto, California
Founder Martin Eberhard
Elon Musk
Ian Wright
J. B. Straubel
Marc Tarpenning
Headquarters Palo Alto, California

Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.) is an American automotive that specializes in electric car manufacturing. Tesla also designs their own neural processors which is used for autonomous driving.


Facts about "Tesla"
company typepublic +
foundedJuly 1, 2003 +
founded locationPalo Alto, California +
founderMartin Eberhard +, Elon Musk +, Ian Wright +, J. B. Straubel + and Marc Tarpenning +
full page nametesla (car company) +
headquartersPalo Alto, California +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameTesla +
website +
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