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cache size[edit]

does the 3900X not have 64MB cache?

function of chipset[edit]

What is the function of the chipset in AM4 and Threadripper systems? Some AM4 systems such as the ASROCK A300M-STX appear lack any external chipset ( Threadripper and EPYC systems are similar and the EPYC systems do not use a chipset. The embedded EPYC 3201 on a Supermicro M11SDV all the usual chipset provided PCI devices on the SoC: SMBus, LPC bridge, Audio, USB and SATA. Are the AMD chipsets simply PCIe IO expanders?

Ryzen 1600 AF[edit]

Hello guys I can say that this cpu is based on a 12nm architecture despite it's name 1xxx, in particular this variant of the 1600 is de facto a 2600, as you can see from various bench and screens of cpu info on the web. It's right?