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Microsystems International (MIL)
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Microsystems International
microsystems international.svg
Type subsidiary
Founded March 29, 1969
Kanata, Ontario
Founder Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company
Fate Folded back
Defunct 1975
Headquarters Kanata, Ontario

Microsystems International, LTD. (MIL) was an early semiconductor manufacturing company. MIL manufactured wafers, integrated circuits, and various systems.

Microsystems International was formerly the Advanced Devices Centre of Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company. Northern Electric was then the manufacturing operation arm of Bell Canada. In 1969 Northern Electric spun it off as Microsystems International. Northern Electric owned 68.5% of MIL, Bell owned more than 20%. Due to overzealous spending of largely governmental funds and little management oversight, on November 8 of 1974 it was decided the company was to fold back into Northern Electric, later becoming part of Bell-Northern Research[1]. Before folding, however, MIL did become one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. In 1975 MIL ceased to operate (note that various of MIL's products continued to be manufactured in the United States by MiniMicroMart).


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