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Exponential Technology
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Exponential Technology
exponential technology.png
Type Private
Founded June 22, 1993
Founder George Taylor
Jim Blomgren
Fate Ceased operations
Defunct May 15, 1997
Headquarters San Jose, CA

Exponential Technology, Inc., formerly Renaissance Microsystems, Inc., was an American fabless semiconductor company. The company focused on designing ultra-fast PowerPC-compatible microprocessors.

After the company folded in 1997, a group of Exponential's engineers from the Austin office went on to start a new company called EVSX which later got renamed Intrinsity.


Exponential Technology was founded in June of 1993 with the goal of designing a high performance PowerPC microprocessor. Exponential Technology received substantial funding from Apple Inc. In April 1994 under the directive of Michael Spindler they signed a product development agreement. Exponential announced their first microprocessor, the X704 in October of 1996 at the 7th Microprocessor Forum. Initial models ran at a lower 410 MHz which was still almost twice as fast as the competition. Exponential Technology was never successful in reaching mass market, partially due to Apple itself which didn't want the performant chip from reaching customers of clone machines (See X704 § History).


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company typeprivate +
defunctMay 15, 1997 +
fateCeased operations +
foundedJune 22, 1993 +
founderGeorge Taylor + and Jim Blomgren +
full page nameexponential technology +
headquartersSan Jose, CA +
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