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9209 - AMI
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AMI 9209
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General Info
Part NumberS9209
Introduction1975 (launched)
Word Size4 bit

The AMI 9209 was a 4-bit microprocessor designed by AMI in 1975. The chip was fabricated using pMOS technology.[1]

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  1. Jack Belzer, Albert G. Holzman, Allen Kent. (Jul 1, 1978). Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 10 - Linear and Matrix Algebra to Microorganisms: Computer-Assisted Identification. Page 402

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Facts about "9209 - AMI"
first launched1975 +
full page nameamerican microsystems/9209 +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
ldate1975 +
manufacturerAMI +
nameAMI 9209 +
part numberS9209 +
technologypMOS +
word size4 bit (0.5 octets, 1 nibbles) +