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RMI Corporation

Raza Micro
raza microelectronics logo.svg
Type Private
Founded 2002
Founder Atiq Raza
Fate Acquired by NetLogic
Headquarters Cupertino, CA

Raza Microelectronics, Inc. (RMI), later renamed RMI Corporation, was a fabless semiconductor company specilizaing in MIPS processors.


RMI was a privately held fabless semiconductor company founded by Atiq Raza, the former CEO of NexGen and later, when it was acquired by AMD in 1996, the COO of AMD. Raza founded RMI in 2002 to develop embedded and networking processors. In 2006 Raza acquired Alchemy from AMD.

In 2009 NetLogic announced it will acquire RMI for $175.4 million in stock and $8.0 million in cash.

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Facts about "RMI Corporation"
company typeprivate +
fateAcquired by NetLogic +
founded2002 +
founderAtiq Raza +
full page nameraza +
headquartersCupertino, CA +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameRaza Micro +
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