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General Info
MarketServer, Workstation
IntroductionMarch 27, 2018 (announced)
March 27, 2018 (launched)
Power dissipation100 W

NVSwitch is an 18-port NVLink switch. Fabricated on TSMC's 12 nm process for a total of 2 billion transistors, the switch has a total bandwidth of 900 GB/s. The NVSwitch is currently only utilized in Nvidia's own DGX-2 AI computer.


The NVSwitch was introduced with the launch of Nvidia's DGX-2 computer. The NVSwitch is a 2 billion transistor, 18-port, NVLink switch. With each port operating at 50 GB/s, the switch has a total bandwidth of 900 GB/s. The switch allows up to any nine devices to be routed to any of the other nine devices. In addition to the NVLink ports, the switch has addition I/O for control and management including x4 PCIe Gen 2 management port, I²C, and GPIO.

The DGX-2 uses 6 NVLinks per baseboard to create a fully-connected network of GPUs.

dgx2 nvswitch baseboard diagram.svg

The DGX-2 has two baseboards to fully connect all 16 V100 GPUs to each other. Each switch does have 2 ports unused. It's possible those ports will be used in configurations involving the POWER9 microprocessors which have native support for NVLink 2.0.

dgx2 nvswitch baseboard diagram with two boards connected.svg


nvidia nvswitch die shot.png

nvidia nvswitch die shot (annotated).png

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