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The $editbox identifier is used to get the contents of editboxes in any mIRC window that contains an editbox.




window The target window to get the editbox contents from
N Retrieves the data from the second editbox in a window (Note: Can only be the value of 1)


selstart Returns the character location in the string of the start of a highlight selection
selend Returns the character location where the highlighted text ends


Echo the contents of the status window:

//echo -a $editbox(Status Window)

Echo the start and end locations of selected text in the status window editbox:

//echo -a Selection start: $editbox(Status Window).selstart --- Selection end: $editbox(Status Window).selend

Note: If no highlighted selection exists, both selstart and selend will return the location of the cursor in the text.


Added: mIRC v6.2

Added On: 28/07/2002

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