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The /drawcopy command copies part of a picture to a different position in the same window or to another window.


/drawcopy -ihmnt <@win> [color] <x y w h> <@win> <x y [w h]>


  • -t - indicates that you have specified the [color] RGB value as a transparent color in the source bitmap
  • -m - changes the stretch mode quality when the picture is resized
  • -i - draws in inverse mode
  • -h - highlights the windows icon if it is minimized
  • -n - prevents the display from being updated immediately
  • -r - indicates that the color is in RGB format


  • <@win> - the window's name to copy from
  • [color] - if -t is used, the RGB color used for transparency
  • <x y w h> - portion to copy
  • <@win> - the window's name to copy to
  • <x y [w h]> - the coordinate where to draw, if [w h] are specified, the picture is squeed/stretched to fit, you can use negative number to flip the picture




Added: 5.3

Added On: 13/12/97

Note: Individual switches were not taken into consideration.

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