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iAPX (Intel Advanced Performance Ar-chi-tecture or Intel Advanced Processor Architecture) was a naming scheme used by Intel for many of their early microprocessors. The naming scheme was rather unpopular and never gained much use outside of Intel's own documentations. Intel stopped using the iAPX naming entirely with the introduction of the initial Pentium release.


In October 1980 Intel introduced a number of new naming conventions for their products:

  • iAPX - Processor Series
  • iRMX - Real-time operating system
  • iSBC - Single Board Computers
  • iSBX - Multimodule (Extension) Boards

Additionally Intel used a numbering suffix to indicate the type of system configuration dealt with.

  • /10 - CPU Alone
    • Example: iAPX 86/10, iAPX 386/10, etc..
  • /11 - CPU + IOP
  • /20 - CPU + Math Coprocessor


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