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== Documents ==
== Documents ==
* [[media:PACE TR-48 Transistorized Analog Computer Specifications.pdf|PACE TR-48 Specifications]]
* [[:File:PACE TR-48 Transistorized Analog Computer Specifications.pdf|PACE TR-48 Specifications]]
== References==
== References==

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PACE TR-48 (Computer History Museum).jpg
PACE TR-48 at the Computer History Museum, SAP Collection
Developer Electronic Associates
Manufacturer Electronic Associates
Product family PACE Series
Type analog computer
Release date 1960
Introductory price $25,000

Size 20" wide, 25-3/8" High, 34-3/16" Long
Weight 330LB

The PACE TR-48 was a fully transistorized general-purpose analog computer developed by Electronic Associates in 1961. The TR-48 was marketed as a desktop analog computer, and was aimed to fill the gap between the smaller and popular TR-10 and the larger 231R system[1]. The unit originally sold for $25,000[1]. At the time, the TR-48 was considered the best general purpose analog computer on the market.


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