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MCP-1600 - Western Digital
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WD MCP-1600
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Developer Digital Equipment Corporation, Western Digital
Manufacturer Western Digital
Production 1975-1985
Architecture 8-bit with 16-bit emulation
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Technology nMOS
Clock 3 MHz-7 MHz
Package DIP40

The MCP-1600 (or MCP1600) was a family of 8-bit multi-chip microprocessor developed by Western Digital as a derivative of DEC's LSI-11.


Theere are 4 chips and an optional extended instruction set with FPU unit.

Part Description
CP1631-07 Instruction Set ROM (1)
CP1631-10 Instruction Set ROM (2)
CP1631-15 Instruction Set ROM (3) (Extension/FPU)
CP1611 Data path
CP1621 Control unit


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