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Veitch Diagram
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Not to be confused with Karnaugh map.
veitch diagram example.svg

The Veitch diagram is a graphical tool designed to allow the minimizing of Boolean expressions. The Veitch diagram was proposed by Edward Veitch in his 1952 paper "A Chart Method for Simplifying Truth Functions". This diagram has since been superseded by the Karnaugh map.


The 4-variable truth-vector Equation upper F left-parenthesis upper A comma upper B comma upper C comma upper D right-parenthesis equals left-bracket 0 comma 0 comma 0 comma 1 comma 0 comma 0 comma 0 comma 1 comma 1 comma 1 comma 0 comma 1 comma 0 comma 0 comma 0 comma 1 right-bracket Superscript upper T can be represented on a Veitch diagram as. veitch diagram example 2.svg

C and D should be reversed

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