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T3400 - Toshiba
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T3400 Family
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Developer Toshiba
Manufacturer Toshiba
Type microcontrollers
Production 1976
ISA T3400
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology nMOS
Clock 100 kHz-1 MHz
Package DIP40, DIP42

The T3400 Series was a family of low-end 4-bit microcontrollers introduced by Toshiba in the mid 1970s.

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T3400 Microcontrollers
T3444T3444256x24 bit16x8 bit40
T3472T3472256x24 bit16x4 bit42


Part Description
T3538 Printer controller
T3539 Printer controller
T3474 16-Kbit ROM
T3475 ROM


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