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SM - Sharp
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Sharp SM Series
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Developer Sharp
Manufacturer Sharp
Type microcontrollers
Introduction 1974 (announced)
Production 1975
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology pMOS, CMOS

The SM (Sharp Microcomputer) was a family of 4-bit microcontrollers introduced by Sharp introduced in 1975.

This series was known for the SM-4 model introduced in 1977, one of the earliest commercial CMOS microcontrollers manufactured and the first commercial Japanese CMOS MCU.

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Part Tech ROM RAM Description
SM-1 pMOS 882 B 48x4 b
SM-2 pMOS 1 kB 64x4 b
SM-3 pMOS 2 kB 128x4 b
SM-4 CMOS 2 kB 96x4 b built-in LCD driver, optional external 1K RAM
SM-5 CMOS 1,792 B 65x4 built-in LCD driver
LI3010 CMOS 96x4 b Evaluation Device (external PROM hookup)


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Facts about "SM - Sharp"
designerSharp +
first announced1974 +
full page namesharp corporation/sm +
instance ofmicrocontroller family +
instruction set architectureSM +
main designerSharp +
manufacturerSharp +
nameSharp SM Series +
technologypMOS + and CMOS +
word size4 bit (0.5 octets, 1 nibbles) +