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| production end    =  
| production end    =  
| arch              = 4-bit words, 8-bit instruction
| arch              = 4-bit words, 8-bit instruction
| word              = 4-bit
| word              = 4 bit
| proc              = <!-- process, e.g. "8 μm"                                      -->
| proc              = <!-- process, e.g. "8 μm"                                      -->
| tech              = pMOS
| tech              = pMOS

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Rockwell PPS-4/1
no photo (ic).svg
Developer Rockwell International
Manufacturer Rockwell International
Production 1976
Architecture 4-bit words, 8-bit instruction
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology pMOS
Clock 40 kHz-100 kHz
Package QIL42

The PPS-4/1 (Parallel Processing System - 4-bit word - 1 chip) was a family of 4-bit microcontrollers chips designed by Rockwell International and introduce in 1st quarter of 1976. The PPS-4/1 is the third iteration of the original PPS-4. The PPS-4/1 were architecturally identical to the PPS-4 and PPS-4/2 with the addition of a clock generator and program memory incorporated internally, making it a single-chip system (hence the "/1"). It's full compatible with all the original PPS-4 CPU and all the other parts.


The PPS-4/1 were considerably slower than their multi-chip counterparts, operating at only up to half of their frequency (40 KHz-100 KHz).

Part RAM ROM I/O Ports Notes
MM75 48x4 bits 640x8 bits 22 Reduced I/O
MM76 48x4 bits 640x8 bits 31
MM76C 48x4 bits 640x8 bits 39
MM76D 48x4 bits 640x8 bits 37
MM76E 48x4 bits 1024x8 bits 31
MM77 96x4 bits 1344x8 bits 31
MM78 128x4 bits 2048x8 bits 31

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