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General Info
Model NumberPEZY-SC4
Introduction2016 (announced)
2020 (launched)
General Specs
Frequency1,600 MHz
Process5 nm
Die740 mm²
Power dissipation640 W
Vcore0.55 V

PEZY-SC4 (PEZY Super Computer 4) is a fifth generation many-core microprocessor developed by PEZY set to be introduced in the early-2020s. This chip, which is planned to operate at 1.6 GHz, will incorporate 16,384 cores and dissipate 640 W. The PEZY-SC4 will power the ZettaScaler-4.x series of supercomputers.

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The SC4 will be introduced by PEZY along with their fourth-generation ZettaScaler-4.0 supercomputer series. The SC4 is set to incorporate 16,384 cores along with 8-way SMT support for a total of 131,072 threads, twice as many cores as its predecessor.

Operating at 1.6 GHz, the PEZY-SC4 will have a peak performance of 105 TFLOPS (single-precision) and 52.5 TFLOPS (double-precision) while consuming around 640 Watts. The PEZY-SC4 is expected to be manufactured on TSMC's 5 nm process.


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Memory controller

For main memory, the PEZY-SC4 supports 4 channels of 64-bit DDR5-4000 memory with ECC support for a total aggregated bandwidth of 107.3 GiB/s

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Integrated Memory Controller
Max TypeDDR5-4000
Supports ECCYes
Width64 bit
Max Bandwidth119.2 GiB/s
122,060.8 MiB/s
127.99 GB/s
127,990.025 MB/s
0.116 TiB/s
0.128 TB/s
Single 29.8 GiB/s
Double 59.6 GiB/s
Quad 119.2 GiB/s

In addition to main memory bandwidth, the PEZY-SC4 supports Wide-IO with a width of 4,096 bit, twice of the SC3. As with the SC3, the SC4 will use ThruChip Interface (TCI) interfaces in order to communicate with the TCI-DRAM chips. This chip incorporates 8 interfaces, operating at 3 GHz for a bandwidth of 2.8 TiB/s per interface for a total aggregated bandwidth of 22.35 TB/s - twice the bandwidth of its predecessor.

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ram icons.svg
Integrated Memory Controller
MemoryWide I/O
Rate3,000 MHz
Width4,096 bit
Max Bandwidth22.35 TiB/s
22,886.4 GiB/s
23,435,673.6 MiB/s
24,574.085 GB/s
24,574,084.881 MB/s
24.574 TB/s


With the SC4, PEZY plans to expand on the custom optics interface that was designed for the PEZY-SC3 for up to 512 lanes.

Facts about "PEZY-SC4 - PEZY"
base frequency1,600 MHz (1.6 GHz, 1,600,000 kHz) +
core count16,384 +
core voltage0.55 V (5.5 dV, 55 cV, 550 mV) +
designerPEZY +
die area740 mm² (1.147 in², 7.4 cm², 740,000,000 µm²) +
familyPEZY-SCx +
first announced2016 +
first launched2020 +
full page namepezy/pezy-scx/pezy-sc4 +
has ecc memory supporttrue + and false +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
ldate3000 +
manufacturerTSMC +
market segmentSupercomputer +
max memory bandwidth119.2 GiB/s (122,060.8 MiB/s, 127.99 GB/s, 127,990.025 MB/s, 0.116 TiB/s, 0.128 TB/s) + and 22,886.4 GiB/s (23,435,673.6 MiB/s, 24,574.085 GB/s, 24,574,084.881 MB/s, 22.35 TiB/s, 24.574 TB/s) +
max memory channels4 + and 8 +
model numberPEZY-SC4 +
namePEZY-SC4 +
peak flops (double-precision)52,428,800,000,000 FLOPS (52,428,800,000 KFLOPS, 52,428,800 MFLOPS, 52,428.8 GFLOPS, 52.429 TFLOPS, 0.0524 PFLOPS, 5.24288e-5 EFLOPS, 5.24288e-8 ZFLOPS) +
peak flops (half-precision)209,715,200,000,000 FLOPS (209,715,200,000 KFLOPS, 209,715,200 MFLOPS, 209,715.2 GFLOPS, 209.715 TFLOPS, 0.21 PFLOPS, 2.097152e-4 EFLOPS, 2.097152e-7 ZFLOPS) +
peak flops (single-precision)104,857,600,000,000 FLOPS (104,857,600,000 KFLOPS, 104,857,600 MFLOPS, 104,857.6 GFLOPS, 104.858 TFLOPS, 0.105 PFLOPS, 1.048576e-4 EFLOPS, 1.048576e-7 ZFLOPS) +
power dissipation640 W (640,000 mW, 0.858 hp, 0.64 kW) +
process5 nm (0.005 μm, 5.0e-6 mm) +
supported memory typeDDR5-4000 +
technologyCMOS +
thread count131,072 +