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μCOM-45 - NEC
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NEC μCOM-45 Family
no photo (ic).svg
Developer NEC
Manufacturer NEC
Type Microcontrollers
Production November, 1977
Architecture 4-bit word, 10-bit instructions
Word size 4-bit
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Technology pMOS
Clock 150 kHz-440 kHz
Package DIP42

The μCOM-45 was family of general-purpose 4-bit microcontrollers, part of the μCOM-4 extended family. This family offered a subset of the full μCOM-4 ISA, offered a reduced amount of memory and was marketed as the low-end series among the μCOM-4 lines.


μCOM-45 Microcontrollers
μCOM-45μPD5501977640x8 bit32x4 bit28
μCOM-45LμPD550L1980640x8 bit32x4 bit28
μCOM-45μPD55419781000x8 bit32x4 bit28
μCOM-45LμPD554L19811000x8 bit32x4 bit28
μCOM-45CμPD65219781000x8 bit32x4 bit42


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μCOM-45 Instruction Set

Main article: μCOM-4 ISA

The μCOM-45 ISA supported a strict subset of the entire μCOM-4 ISA, composed of 58 instructions.

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