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$uptime Identifier - mIRC
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The $uptime identifier returns the number of milliseconds since the indicated event.


$uptime( <mirc | server | system > [,N] )


mIRCThe time period counts since mIRC started
serverThe time period counts since connected to that server.
systemThe time period counts since windows booted up.
Optional Parameter N is an integer 0-3:
0 Default. Returns time as an integer number of milliseconds
1 Instead of returning time as an integer number of milliseconds, is Ndays Nhrs Nmins Nsecs
2 Same as N 1 except omits the Nsecs
3 Same as N 0, except returns number of seconds, dropping the last 3 digits.


//echo -a $uptime(system,0) is the same as $ticks
//echo -a $uptime(system,3) is the same as $left($ticks,-3)
//echo -a mIRC has been running for $uptime(mirc,2)
//echo -a mIRC has been connected to $network server $server for $uptime(server,2)
//echo -a Windows has been running for $uptime(system,2) since booting up $asctime( $calc($ctime - $uptime(system,3) ) )


Added: mIRC v5.9
Added on: 26 Apr 2001
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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