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The $ character, in mIRC, is a reference point for all identifiers, and some operations. $ is usually followed by any number of built-in mIRC identifier names, with which there are hundreds of properties to choose from.

Examples As Identifier

Some examples of the $ used as an identifier include the following:

Retrieves the title for the specified dialog.
Grabs the first property from an event, such as an ON event.

Examples As Operation

The $ can also precede some characters and words in order to perform a specific operation, such as concatenating characters, or groups of characters, together. Below are a few examples:

alias testme {
  var %myvar1 = Join m, %myvar2 = e with this, %join = %myvar1 $+ %myvar2
  echo -a %join
This will join the two variables, resulting in the output: "Join me with this" being displayed to the active window in an echo.
alias testme {
  echo -a $calc(33 * 77)
This will multiply "33" + "77" and output the results to the active screen.


There are just too many identifiers and operators that deal with $ to cover here. Refer to the identifier's index for a more thorough and complete list.