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[[$vol identifier - mIRC|$vol]]
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Note: /wavplay has essentially been replaced by the /splay command.

The /wavplay command is used to play a .wav file of your choosing.


/wavplay <sound.wav>




Play the file mywav.wav located in the Sounds directory of mIRC

/wavplay mywav.wav

Short alias script that will ask you which wav file you want to play

alias playwav {
  ; First, we create a variable, %file, to hold our
  ; user-selected wav file. Note that this is surrounded
  ; by the $qt() identifier which makes sure that the
  ; entire selection is surrounded by quotes. This is
  ; for older Windows' backward-compatibility.
  var %file = $qt($sfile(sounds\*.wav,Choose Wav,OK))
  ; Check to make sure the %file variable contains a
  ; real file.
  if ($isfile(%file)) {
    ; Now we simply play the wav file using /wavplay
    wavplay %file


Added: mIRC v3.5

Added On: 07/08/95

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