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The /copy command can be used to copy a file or an entire directory to another location. Both the source and the destination parameters support directory names. If the source is a directory the entire directory will be copied. The source parameter also supports wildcard characters.

This command is verbose by default.


/copy -ao <source> <destination>


  • -a - If the file exists, override it
  • -o - If the file exists, append to it


  • <source> - The name of the directory or file to be copied (can be a wildcard name)
  • <destination> - Destination filename (or directory)


You can use the copy command to move the content of entire directories:

;Copy all the files in directory 'aaa' into directory 'bbb'
copy aaa bbb

Below is a simple backup script:

;A simple backup script to back up all currently loaded script file.
; /backup
Alias backup {
  var %dir = backup\bkup. $+ $ctime
  ;make sure the user wants to backup
  if ($input(Are you sure you want to backup all loaded the scripts?, y, Backup Scripts?)) {
    ;make sure the backup directory exists
    if (!$isdir(backup)) mkdir backup
    ;create the new backup directory, timestamped
    mkdir %dir
    echo -ac info [backup] %dir created!
    var %x = 1
    ;while there is another script file
    while ($script(%x)) {
      ;backup the file
      .copy $qt($v1) %dir
      echo -ca info [backup] copying $qt($v1)
      inc %x 
    echo -ac info [backup] Backup is complete!


Added: mIRC v5.3

Added On: 13/12/1997

Note: Individual switches were not taken into consideration.

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