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* [[List of identifiers - mIRC|List of identifiers]]
* [[List of identifiers - mIRC|List of identifiers]]
* {{mIRC|$bvar}}
* {{mIRC|$bvar}}
* {{mIRC|$bfind}}
* {{mIRC|/bread}}
* {{mIRC|/bread}}
* {{mIRC|/bcopy}}
* {{mIRC|/breplace}}
* {{mIRC|/breplace}}
* {{mIRC|/btrunc}}
* {{mIRC|/btrunc}}
* {{mIRC|/bset}}
{{mIRC command list}}
{{mIRC command list}}
[[Category:MIRC commands]]
[[Category:MIRC commands]]

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The /bset command lets you assign specific ASCII values (or text) at a specific position. If the variable does not exists, a new binary variable will be created and zero-pad until <pos>. If <pos> exceeds the length of the variable, the variable will extend (by zero-padding the gap) to accommodate the new values.

Note: Important fact to remember about binary variables is that they are not limited to the local scope of the alias but instead they remain set until processing is complete. Thus it's possible to use the same binary variable within multiple aliases if they call each other during the same script execution.


/bset -c <&bvar> <pos> <asciivalue> [asciivalue ... asciivalue]
/bset -tc <&bvar> <pos> <string>


  • -t - Indicates a string is to be written instead of literal ASCII values
  • -c - Fills the binary variable with the string/ASCII values and truncates anything after it


  • <&bvar> - The binary variable name to use/create
  • <pos> - The position to set the new ASCII values or the string
  • <asciivalue> - ASCII value to write
  • [asciivalue ... asciivalue] - Succeeding ASCII values to be written
  • <string> - The string to be written


Alias Example {
  ;Create a binary variable set it to "This is fun!"
  bset -t &Example 1 This is fun!
  ;Print out the content of the variable
  echo -a $bvar(&Example, 1-).text

Binary variables have the advantage that they can be accessed from anywhere during the script execution.

Alias Example {
  ;Create a binary variable
  bset -t &Example 1 Hello There Bob.
Alias bb {
  ; Override that last part and truncate it 
  bset -tc &Example 7 Stranger!
Alias cc {
  ; print the value
  echo -a $bvar(&Example, 1-).text

This example shows how the variable gets zero-padded if <pos> is outside the size of the variable:

Alias Example {
  ; put 'd' as the 5th byte in &var
  bset &var 5 100
  ; will print: 0 0 0 0 100
  echo -a $bvar(&var, 1-)
  ; zero-pad bytes 6-9
  bset &var 9 0
  ; will print: 0 0 0 0 100 0 0 0 0
  echo -a $bvar(&var, 1-)


Added: mIRC v5.3

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