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The aline command is used to add a single line of text to a custom window or a list. This command is limited to custom @windows, If you need a more general command that is able to print to both custom windows, channel, and query consider using the /echo command instead.


/aline -sahpinl [c] <@name> <text>


  • -s - Clears the old selection in a list and selects the newly added item
  • -a - Selects the newly added item while keeping the old selection in a list
  • -h - Highlights the window's node in the treebar is the window is minimized
  • -p - Forces the line to be wrapped if it's too long to fit in on one line (does not apply to lists)
  • -i - Indent the newly added line
  • -n - Prevent the line from being added if already exists
  • -l - Specify the action to take place on the side-listbox


  • [c] - An optional color number for the line
  • <@name> - The name of the window
  • <text> - The text to be added


Alias Example {
  ;open a desktop custom window (listbox and with an editbox)
  Window -lde @Foo
  ;Add a line, line colored in yellow (8)
  Aline 8 @Foo Line A
  ;Add a line, color Dark Green (3), selected, clear old selection
  Aline -s 3 @Foo Line B


Added: mIRC v5.0

Added On: 02/04/97

Note: Individual switches were not taken into consideration.

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