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(Key changes from {{\\|Kaby Lake}})
(Key changes from {{\\|Kaby Lake}})
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=== Key changes from {{\\|Kaby Lake}} ===
=== Key changes from {{\\|Kaby Lake}} ===
* [[10 nm process]] (from [[14 nm]])
* [[10 nm process]] (from [[14 nm]])
* {{intel|Gen9.5|l=arch}} → {{intel|Gen10|l=arch}} graphics
* Mainstream chipset
* Mainstream chipset
** {{intel|Union Point|200 Series chipset|l=chipset}} → 300 Series chipset
** {{intel|Union Point|200 Series chipset|l=chipset}} → 300 Series chipset

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Cannonlake µarch
General Info
Arch TypeCPU
Process10 nm
Core NamesCannonlake Y,
Cannonlake U

Cannonlake (CNL) (formerly Skymont) is a planned microarchitecture by Intel as a successor to Kaby Lake. Cannonlake is expected to be fabricated using a 10 nm process and is set to be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2017. Cannonlake is the "Process" microarchitecture as part of Intel's PAO model.

For desktop and mobile, Cannonlake is expected to be branded as 8th Generation Intel Core i3, Core i5. and Core i7 processors. For server class processors, Intel is expected to brand it as Xeon E3 v7, Xeon E5 v7, and Xeon E7 v7.

Process Technology

Cannonlake is manufactured on Intel's 10 nm process (P1274). Intel's 10 nm process is the first high-volume manufacturing process to employ Self-Aligned Quad Patterning (SAQP) (goes under the "Hyper-Scaling" marketing name). Intel's 10nm features a 0.0367 µm² SRAM bit cell.


Broadwell Cannonlake Δ intel 10nm fin.png
14 nm 10 nm
Fin Pitch 42 nm 34 0.81x
Fin Width​ 8 nm  ? nm  ?x
Fin Height​ 42 nm 53 nm 1.24x
Gate Pitch 70 nm 54 nm 0.77x
Interconnect Pitch 52 nm 36 nm 0.69x
Cell Height 399 nm 272 nm 0.68x


Core Abbrev Description Graphics Target
Cannonlake Y CNL-Y Extremely low power GT2 2-in-1s detachable, tablets, and computer sticks
Cannonlake U CNL-U Ultra-low Power GT2 Light notebooks, portable All-in-Ones (AiOs), Minis, and conference room


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Key changes from Kaby Lake

All Cannonlake Chips

 Cannonlake Chips
 Main processorIGPMajor Feature Diff
ModelLaunchedPriceFamilyPlatformCoreCTL3$L4$TDPFreqTurboMax MemNameFreqTurboTBTHTAVX2TXTTSXvProVT-d
 No Cannonlake Chips have been released yet.
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