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Gen5.75 µarch
General Info
Arch TypeGPU
IntroductionJanuary, 2010
Process45 nm

Gen5.75 (Generation 5.75 or Enhanced Generation 5 or Ironlake) is the microarchitecture for Intel's graphics processing unit utilized by Westmere-based microprocessors. Gen5.75 is the successor to Gen5 which was used by Intel's Cantiga chipsets. The Gen5.75 microarchitecture is designed separately by Intel, fabricated on a separate die and then packaged on the same physical package as the CPU die.

codenameGen5.75 +
designerIntel +
first launchedJanuary 2010 +
full page nameintel/microarchitectures/gen5.75 +
instance ofmicroarchitecture +
manufacturerIntel +
microarchitecture typeGPU +
nameGen5.75 +
process45 nm (0.045 μm, 4.5e-5 mm) +