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PPS-25 - Fairchild
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Fairchild PPS-25
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Developer Fairchild Semiconductor
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Type microprocessors
Production 1971
Architecture 4-bit
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology pMOS
Clock 400 kHz
Package DIP40

The PPS-25 (also PPS25; Programmed Processor System - 25 Digits) was a family of 4-bit multi-chip microprocessor developed by Fairchild and released in 1971/2. The PPS-25 was designed for scientific calculations. While there is no definitive starting production date available, there is evidence pointing to early 1971/2 (some early books placing it ahead of the 4004 at the second quarter of 1971). This family was very short-lived as within a few years, Fairchild shifted their effort toward more advanced designs such as their macrologic families 4700/9400 and what became their flagship product, the F8.

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The PPS-25, Programmed Processor System - 25 Digits, was a 4-bit microprocessor system intended for scientific calculations. The system was 25-digit (100-bit) seriel, 4-bit parallel operating at 62.5 µs word time and 2.5 µs bit time. That is, the addition of two word (25-digit each) took 62.5 µs with multiplication being 50 ms.

The system supported up to 26 ROMs, each consisting of 256 micro-instructions.


Family Members
Part Description
3805 ALU
3806 Control and timing unit
3808 Memory
3810 Program ROM


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