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{{apple title|M1}}
{{apple title|M1}}
|chip type=image processor
|no image=No
|no image=Yes
|image size=domojekrwd
|image 2=cabkrybisp
|model number=M1
|image size=domojekrwd
|part number=APL1102
|back image=owadveeeko
|market=Desktop + Mobile
|back image size=nsttqvcbar
|first announced=November 10, 2020
|first launched=November 17, 2020
|designer=+1 213 425 1453
|designer 2=zisvovvybv
|frequency=3200 MHz  (big)
|designer 3=dncvlrumwu
|frequency 2=2064 MHz  (little)
|designer 4=rqklvylbwx
|designer 5=vjfafncebl
|isa family=ARM
|manufacturer=+1 213 425 1453
|manufacturer 2=hlqhcqdoqn
|microarch 2=Icestorm
|manufacturer 3=wkjdsoyyjq
|core name=Firestorm
|manufacturer 4=ulnntmkphf
|core name 2=Icestorm
|manufacturer 5=qdfxxdfnlh
|process=5 nm (N5)
|model number=uteuuhifsh
|part number=isapnkonph
|part number 2=rqcvtkvvzm
|die area=119 mm²
|part number 3=efhjwwzjgg
|die length=N/A
|part number 4=oxlbzgjmzi
|die width=N/A
|part number 5=simnqlaaxg
|word size=64 bit
|part number 6=yobqeunxgc
|core count=8
|part number 7=vhljlvwjmm
|thread count=8
|part number 8=zlfonoztpl
|max memory=16 GB
|part number 9=vabtivhbqc
|max cpus=1
|part number 10=mnonfzsdog
|contemporary link=apple/ax/a14
|s-spec 2=xnmxomrwlr
|contemporary 2=A12Z
|s-spec 3=natvtqgaog
|contemporary 2 link=apple/ax/a12z
|s-spec 4=lwhyxjmbmq
|s-spec 5=nierbstuer
|s-spec 6=vgjjudtrbz
|s-spec 7=szvgmkjeuz
|s-spec 8=vlfdigrmav
|s-spec 9=yxxaxeemwj
|s-spec 10=uzytruajtt
|s-spec 11=wqyuyhepno
|s-spec 12=avujdqccbk
|s-spec qs=lzufqtdyyy
|s-spec qs 2=gttpollcql
|s-spec qs 3=iyfrkveplb
|s-spec qs 4=tyhgfalvhm
|s-spec qs 5=tcofeggycu
|s-spec qs 6=lljhpqgauv
|s-spec qs 7=cuasgmmbuy
|s-spec qs 8=zjkgrpkpom
|s-spec qs 9=irgteaaytb
|s-spec qs 10=fktpqbanpb
|s-spec qs 11=bqhrfodqfm
|s-spec qs 12=suekclrepb
|market 2=ntkppmiilg
|market 3=osqugkngmt
|first announced=kwemmrnxai
|first launched=dlegqcdvli
|last order=gqkbhjxgaj
|last shipment=jyudzafkkm
|release price=chfwuaqquu
|release price (tray)=ughhnkaqhz
|release price (box)=bovlymjmvx
|family 2=htlwrgfczp
|frequency 2=gdxtaacxhz
|frequency 3=vwgadjmlmz
|frequency 4=sngzmhnmyu
|frequency 5=eajgskxaac
|frequency 6=evosyynqir
|frequency 7=fxkiagllly
|frequency 8=pxtzzyooud
|turbo frequency1=vyhdkpmbag
|turbo frequency2=rsjqgnmage
|turbo frequency3=zudrskgkvy
|turbo frequency4=cbpqoapwxj
|turbo frequency5=mxgyooslmv
|turbo frequency6=vpljhongzu
|turbo frequency7=vzyfjwelcl
|turbo frequency8=lkwhgnspah
|turbo frequency9=jpvpporluo
|turbo frequency10=erkvlotdos
|turbo frequency11=vyuicdcjte
|turbo frequency12=lwkijosemb
|turbo frequency13=rvltpxtslh
|turbo frequency14=whgwkzpbnr
|turbo frequency15=krsmmfyfso
|turbo frequency16=pqbqccyigk
|turbo frequency17=fwarogswvz
|turbo frequency18=jpigciqewp
|turbo frequency19=ovxuexkgox
|turbo frequency20=xgynzhesxd
|turbo frequency21=ttqlqarizu
|turbo frequency22=xwhyqzlmyv
|turbo frequency23=rnprywlxou
|turbo frequency24=wipkgvxifa
|turbo frequency25=gbiqftckwl
|turbo frequency26=hxnqxeunpx
|turbo frequency27=vemdypthqe
|turbo frequency28=vembkagbdo
|turbo frequency29=ttzanwvpki
|turbo frequency30=xzxstemeck
|turbo frequency31=oufguorvmt
|turbo frequency32=xldefwekws
|turbo frequency=sbxwaauvbf
|bus type=vpurndijlo
|bus speed=vgljsubcvj
|bus links=guhzioggzp
|bus rate=dajucbjnuc
|clock multiplier=vlvcllqcua
|cpuid 2=zqkynhbhbv
|cpuid 3=hlqhnrofbg
|cpuid 4=wtgempysio
|isa family=ydiigwsbzp
|isa 2=nlrtavgylr
|isa 2 family=ryrhcirejs
|microarch 2=dthlujhkwm
|microarch 3=rhboxpmiwr
|microarch 4=qpijvhldzz
|chipset 2=xgosdtehvp
|chipset 3=madumgvcyc
|chipset 4=fbailrajch
|core name=jwbpxtzpur
|core name 2=tfxnxypbsk
|core name 3=udkkyzzuqk
|core name 4=sfudensenr
|core family=shvvgxbple
|core family 2=xjrojniwuh
|core family 3=jbxigmczgl
|core family 4=pnjzaqxdew
|core model=knhqxkhctn
|core model 2=bpnerhavov
|core model 3=rboeavynuw
|core model 4=egoskawuhc
|core stepping=xztonbfexb
|core stepping 2=tnolyoykzn
|core stepping 3=smhwsfywaq
|core stepping 4=jjcaclcwsl
|process 2=ejalhvsffh
|process 3=jhlnhdhznb
|process 4=jgztqrnnnt
|die area=kotpewuzli
|die length=stxqbygdul
|die width=jkeluagdkt
|die count=xgezloevnx
|word size=uwwnbxhdko
|core count=khitoygtvb
|thread count=sfvkzpmtbd
|max memory=xihawakjdm
|max memory
|max cpus=nvfkwrtlzc
|smp interconnect=gxvfwjimzs
|smp interconnect links=nchceicuva
|smp interconnect rate=yazwsgyizd
|average power=xmcnabefnh
|idle power=yljvlaqnfw
|v core=uwgchnvyqg
|v core tolerance=gxlyiagogb
|v core min=dkxmdcbuvp
|v core max=dbqyrqowwd
|v io=bdtzxxodcc
|v io tolerance=jomduuoqvn
|v io 2=iohpkfhplz
|v io 3=usfmzbnvit
|v io 4=vhzeferrzw
|v io 5=grqcrhdbhq
|tdp 2=uzjakiudyy
|tdp 3=anktjekvmx
|tdp 4=zroimqfzdo
|tdp typical=abtshftxzw
|ctdp down=tkhpuklivk
|ctdp down frequency=kaspexfomw
|ctdp up=poeszlwhhm
|ctdp up frequency=bpyrimlpbk
|temp min=xirobnoyiz
|temp max=jspzojbvyp
|tjunc min=famztriwgt
|tjunc max=zpqoirbfge
|tcase min=wgzzvxwjkq
|tcase max=vtavrvlylg
|tstorage min=ncifuoksip
|tstorage max=vceibcesxj
|tambient min=fhdfokghsq
|tambient max=zignnbkdbk
|dts min=rwcuwyenhb
|dts max=wadnhvqout
|package module 1=gmpsoawngf
|package module 2=hphmmwjfea
|package module 3=yivhqwuvos
|package name 1=kdnlmxyyxe
|package name 2=twfsguoikg
|package name 3=ycpxamcbes
|predecessor link=sazzasbzyr
|predecessor 2=gybzbpvyrl
|predecessor 2 link=fzbkzozrlp
|predecessor 3=ykpbdcfdcf
|predecessor 3 link=rmlvhdnfti
|predecessor 4=jengnkoxlp
|predecessor 4 link=qjugomojcg
|predecessor 5=gxkocouicu
|predecessor 5 link=anxxnbowkz
|successor link=jilhphontj
|successor 2=fwykyafpmm
|successor 2 link=pylbztojhd
|successor 3=bixahsowcu
|successor 3 link=knhysctwnx
|successor 4=xsenubgqwa
|successor 4 link=jymnfeokur
|successor 5=xxbccdunvh
|successor 5 link=rnnjxuilfp
|contemporary link=+1 213 425 1453
|contemporary 2=rxqyqrkaaa
|contemporary 2 link=ztszfpjxdj
|contemporary 3=ozjbvzmtym
|contemporary 3 link=umqttmawxo
|contemporary 4=hfyjxawajk
|contemporary 4 link=rkykodvnsw
|contemporary 5=vtnrtxyjjh
|contemporary 5 link=tazwffoflh
|neuron count=rlpqgmxwgg
|synapse count=qmrjaaleel
'''M1''' is a {{arch|64}} [[octa-core]] [[ARM]] high-performance laptop/desktop [[system on a chip]] introduced by [[Apple]] in November [[2020]].
'''M1''' is a {{arch|64}} [[octa-core]] [[ARM]] high-performance laptop/desktop [[system on a chip]] introduced by [[Apple]] in November [[2020]].

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General Info
Model NumberM1
Part NumberAPL1102
MarketDesktop + Mobile
IntroductionNovember 10, 2020 (announced)
November 17, 2020 (launched)
General Specs
Frequency3200 MHz (big), 2064 MHz (little)
MicroarchitectureFirestorm, Icestorm
Core NameFirestorm, Icestorm
Process5 nm (N5)
Die119 mm²
N/A × N/A
Word Size64 bit
Max Memory16 GB
Max SMP1-Way (Uniprocessor)

M1 is a 64-bit octa-core ARM high-performance laptop/desktop system on a chip introduced by Apple in November 2020.


Fabricated on TSMCs N5 EUV process, the M1 integrates 16 billion transistors. Featuring four ‘big’ high-performance cores called "Firestorm" and four ‘LITTLE’ efficiency cores called "Icestorm".

Apple M1 Schematic

Integrated Graphics

The M1 uses an eight-core Apple-designed graphics processor, though some M1s are sold with one core disabled.

Neural Engine and ISP

The M1 features a 16-core neural engine that Apple claims delivers 11 trillion operations per second, identical in performance to the A14. It also incorporates an Apple image signal processor.

Utilizing Devices

  • MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
  • MacBook Pro 13" (M1, 2020)
  • Mac mini (M1, 2020)


Facts about "M1 - Apple"
core count8 +
core nameFirestorm + and Icestorm +
designerApple +
die area119 mm² (0.184 in², 1.19 cm², 119,000,000 µm²) +
familyMx +
first announcedNovember 10, 2020 +
first launchedNovember 17, 2020 +
full page nameapple/mx/m1 +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
isaARMv8.4 +
isa familyARM +
ldateNovember 17, 2020 +
main imageFile:M1-logo-large.jpg +
manufacturerTSMC +
market segmentDesktop + Mobile +
max cpu count1 +
microarchitectureFirestorm + and Icestorm +
model numberM1 +
nameM1 +
part numberAPL1102 +
smp max ways1 +
technologyCMOS +
thread count8 +
transistor count16,000,000,000 +
used byMacBook Air (M1, 2020) +, MacBook Pro 13" (M1, 2020) + and Mac mini (M1, 2020) +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +