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Template:mpu AMD-K5-PR166ABQ was a 32-bit x86 microprocessor developed by AMD and released in early 1997. This chip was sold as Pentium 166 MHz equivalent. The processor used AMD's 5k86 version of their K5 microarchitecture, operating at 116.66 MHz with a TDP of 16.4 W.


Main article: K5 § Cache
Cache Info [Edit Values]
L1I$ 16 KiB
0.0156 MiB
16,384 B
1.525879e-5 GiB
1x16 KiB 4-way set associative
L1D$ 8 KiB
0.00781 MiB
8,192 B
7.629395e-6 GiB
1x8 KiB 4-way set associative


This SoC has no integrated graphics processing unit.


  • P166 P-Rating
  • Auto-power down state
  • Stop clock state

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Facts about "AMD-K5-PR166ABQ - AMD"
l1d$ description4-way set associative +
l1d$ size0.00781 MiB (8 KiB, 8,192 B, 7.629395e-6 GiB) +
l1i$ description4-way set associative +
l1i$ size0.0156 MiB (16 KiB, 16,384 B, 1.525879e-5 GiB) +
processor p-ratingP166 +