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| model number        = AMD-X5-160
| model number        = AMD-X5-160
| part number        =  
| part number        =  
| part number 1       =  
| part number 2       =  
| market              = Desktop
| market              = Desktop
| first announced    = 1996
| first announced    = 1996

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Template:mpu AMD-X5-160 was high-performance 486-based microprocessor announced by AMD in 1996 as part of their Am5x86 family. This processor had a clock multiplier of 3x, operating at 150 MHz with a bus speed of 50 MHz. This MPU had all the features offered by AMD's Enhanced Am486 such as a large 16 KB L1$ and various power management features. Note: This chip was never released.

The AMD-X5-160 showed up in various documents by AMD including some manuals by boards manufacturers. It is also mentioned in AMD's BIOS dev guide from August, 1995. However AMD never actually ended up releasing any to the market. It has been speculated that AMD was afraid this chip might compete with their K5 family. Nevertheless, this didn't stop some computer companies from selling 160 MHz Am5x86 systems which used overclocked AMD-X5-133. Additionally some fake AMD-X5-160 have been circulated (those were faked for people buying them at the time, not faked for collectors). Fake 160 chips were most likely AMD-X5-133ADZ which had a high operating temperature which made them fairly stable overclocked to 160 MHz anyway.


Main article: 80486 § Cache
Cache Info [Edit Values]
L1$ 16 KiB
0.0156 MiB
16,384 B
1.525879e-5 GiB
1x16 KiB 4-way set associative (unified, write-back policy)


This chip had no integrated graphics processing unit.


  • System Management Mode (SMM)
  • P75+ P-Rating

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has featureSystem Management Mode +
l1$ description4-way set associative +
l1$ size0.0156 MiB (16 KiB, 16,384 B, 1.525879e-5 GiB) +
processor p-ratingP75+ +