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Established on November 29 2013‎, WikiChip is a semiconductor and computer engineering technology website operated by WikiChip.


WikiChip was set out to freely detail and illustrate modern semiconductor and computer technologies - from the actual transistor all the way to the final SKU. We address the need for in-depth and detailed explanations for the various real-world technologies such as popular computer chips, architectures, microarchitectures, as well as various computer hardware and software topics. WikiChip also sets out to document many historical topics such as old microprocessors, defunct semiconductor companies, and obsolete technologies, old computers and consumer electronics. We do this through in-depth documentation, images, illustrations, and archived documents. In addition to the main site, we also operate WikiChip Fuse which publishes industry technology and products news. Finally, we also run a mailing list that extensively highlights to the current landscape.

WikiChip is operated by WikiChip LLC which conducts the industry research of commercial and consumer hardware and technologies.

Content curation

Although WikiChip uses MediaWiki as the publishing software platform for content, WikiChip curates almost of all of the content (99%) with anonymous contributions (< 1%) usually limited to typos, grammar, and minor detail correction. WikiChip patrols all anonymous modifications to the website for accuracy. Our information generally comes directly from the companies (e.g., Intel, Arm, AMD, etc..) either through direct communication, briefings, or conference presentations.


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