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This is a string property representing specific location where an organization's HQ is situated

  • This item is equivalent to the P159 WikiData Property.

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Acorn Computers +Cambridge, UK  +
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) +Santa Clara, California  +
Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor (AFSL) +Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima , Japan  +
Alchemy Semiconductor +Austin, Texas  +
Alibaba +Hangzhou, Zhejiang  +
Alpha Processor +Concord, Massachusetts  +
Amazon +Seattle, Washington  +
Ambric +Beaverton, Oregon  +
American Microsystems (AMI) +San Diego, CA  +
Ampere Computing +Santa Clara, California  +
Andes +Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan  +
Annapurna Labs +Haifa, Israel  +
Apple +Apple Campus, Cupertino, California  +
AppliedMicro +Santa Clara, California  +
ARM Holdings +Cambridge, England  +
Atmel +San Jose, California  +
Ayar Labs +Emeryville, CA  +
Baidu +Beijing, China  +
Baikal Electronics +Moscow, Russia  +
Bitmain +Haidian District, Beijing  +
BrainChip +Aliso Viejo, CA  +
Cambricon +Haidian District, Beijing  +
Cavium +San Jose, CA  +
CEA-Leti +Grenoble, France  +
Centaur Technology +Austin, Texas  +
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