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Russian quad core processor Elbrus-4S.svg
Developer MCST
Type Microprocessors
Introduction 2014 (launch)
Architecture Elbrus (VLIW)
Process 65 nm
0.065 μm
6.5e-5 mm

Elbrus-4S (rus. Эльбрус-4С, code designation: 1891ВМ8Я) is an universal multi-core VLIW microprocessor with the Elbrus architecture, developed by the russian company MCST.

The «Elbrus-4S» processor contains 4 cores, level 2 cache memory with a total capacity of 8 megabytes, 3 memory controllers, 3 interprocessor communication channels and an input-output channel. Each processor core executes 23 instructions per cycle. The average power dissipation is 45 watts. The microprocessor is intended for use in personal computers and servers.

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