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  | process 2 name        =  
  | process 2 name        =  
  | process 2 date        =  
  | process 2 date        =  
  | process 2 lith        = EUV
  | process 2 lith        = 193 nm
  | process 2 immersion    =  
  | process 2 immersion    = Yes
  | process 2 exposure    = EUV
  | process 2 exposure    = LELELELE
  | process 2 wafer type  = Bulk
  | process 2 wafer type  = Bulk
  | process 2 wafer size  = 300 nm
  | process 2 wafer size  = 300 nm

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The 5 nanometer (5 nm) lithography process is a technology node semiconductor manufacturing process following the 7 nm process node. Commercial integrated circuit manufacturing using 7 nm process is set to begin sometimes around 2020s.

The term "5 nm" is simply a commercial name for a generation of a certain size and its technology, and does not represent any geometry of a transistor.

Initial research

  • At the 2016 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), researchers from CEA-Leti presented a paper detailing the architecture for a possible 5 nm node. The researchers presented their functional vertically stacked gate-all-around (GAA) silicon NW/NS (NanoWire/NanoSheet) MOSFETs. GAA NW transistors are a highly promising candidate to succeed FinFETs as the drive current can be optimized by vertically stacking multiple horizontal nanowires.


Symbol version future.svg Preliminary Data! Information presented in this article deal with future products, data, features, and specifications that have yet to be finalized, announced, or released. Information may be incomplete and can change by final release.

Process Name
1st Production
Lithography Lithography
Wafer Type
Transistor Type
Fin Pitch
Gate Length (Lg)
Contacted Gate Pitch (CPP)
Minimum Metal Pitch (MMP)
SRAM bitcell High-Perf (HP)
High-Density (HD)
Low-Voltage (LV)
DRAM bitcell eDRAM
Intel TSMC GlobalFoundries Samsung
P1278? (CPU), P1279? (SoC)      
EUV 193 nm EUV EUV
  Yes   Yes
Bulk Bulk Bulk Bulk
300 nm 300 nm 300 nm 300 nm
Value 10 nm Δ Value 10 nm Δ Value 10 nm Δ Value 7 nm Δ
    ~44 nm 0.81x        
    ~32 nm 0.84x        


On May 24 2017 Samsung announced they will be switching to a transistor they call Multi-Bridge-Channel FET (MBCFET), an extension of a Gate-all-around (GAA) FET. This is planned for somewhere around the 5nm node but the exact timeline or specification is currently unknown.

5 nm Microprocessors

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5 nm Microarchitectures

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  • TSMC, Estimated at TSMC Technology Symposium, San Jose, March 15, 2017